26 Jul 03
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Blogathon - Mark Ryden

Blogathon 2003
Time: 09:00 Eastern
Location: home

Saint Barbie

First up is Mark Ryden, whose works I found via an ad at This Is Corrosion, an Internet radio station.

Ryden's work tends to be disturbing, which I rather like. Recurrent elements are religious iconography, bees, urchins, microbes, Abraham Lincoln, meat, and wee little children with big eyes. While I don't really get the Abraham Lincoln bit, I get a feeling that much of the work has to do with evil and innocence, religion and science, consumerism and group perception.

This piece is called Saint Barbie. Other favorites are Clear Hearts, Grey Flowers and Princess Sputnik.

Don't overlook the links to see the pictures in closer details. The details are sometimes surprising and often funny, like the designation on the flying saucer in Princess Sputnik.

i think this one potrays how young girls really are, they basically worship barbie.
des <justin1desi@yahoo.com>
- Wednesday, November 26, 2003 at 15:59:10 (EST)

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