The idea I am stealing right now is the one of the online journal that includes a boneyard.  Doktor Zachary Carleton keeps a boneyard, what was meant to be a store of extra articles that he writes whenever he is in a writing streak, saved up for the days when he gets a block and cannot make a journal entry.  How could I pass up such an intelligent concept?  Nuh-uh, can't do it. Thing is, his boneyard developed a life of its own, began to represent slices of his life that are non-sequential.  Oh, well. 

So, here is my own online journal.  Sure, the entries are kinda brief;  I don't really have the time for this sorta thing.  But it looks like the kind of endeavor that could be very cathartic, as I have issues of my own to work through these days. 

Now my boneyard, Cold Storage, is bare, though.  I used up all the entries, will have to find time to resetock.  I did however begin to archive, if you can call it that.  I just made a "more" page, looks pretty much like this one. 

I don't expect my stuff will be anything as good as Zach's, so if you want really good reading, click on over, and enjoy. Speakina great journals, go give Jane's  My Angry 'Lil Diary a peek.  I really like her style.  And Rain's journal The Puddle is fresh and refreshing. 

Some Explanation Required
Might Wanna Read Here First

Cold Storage 

* denotes a Cold Storage item 
that has grown up to become a 
Regular Basis entry. 
Regular Basis
5 Nov 97
4 Nov 97
3 Nov 97
Great Climactic
2 Nov 97
Good End, Bad Day
1 Nov 97
Living Out
30 Oct 97
29 Oct 97
Calling Collect*
28 Oct 97
Here I Am!!! and Duh!
27 Oct 97
 Oral Fixation*
26 Oct 97
I Dress Like a Feminist*
25 Oct 97
Ok, the Herpes Thing*
24 Oct 97
23 Oct 97
A Twisting Feeling in the Groin*
 22 Oct 97
Edge of the Possible
21 Oct 97
The Power of a Face*
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