The Power of a Face

Just to look at it I am struck down.  Jeez, it's what?  Pair of eyes, one nose, a mouth; what's the big deal?

Real big deal.  I happen to love the face.  Keep it on my desktop.  You think I am gonna share it here?  Heheh no freakin way.  It's that special.

It is perplexing to me that the image of a person can so entrance me, ME, the one who doesn't really care so much for looks.  Just wait'll my friend scans some images for me, and I'll show you my ex-husband.  I am serious, looks really don't matter that much.

I think it's cuz when you meet somebody online, you get to know them in a much  more direct way than in person.  You don't get distracted by their cosmetics, their gestures, their height, the pitch of their voice.  You get more or less directly into their brain.

Lookit me, preaching to the choir.  You already know this stuff, I am sure.

Ok, so you get that far and you finally get an image.  Well, this person wasn't what I expected at all, but then what was I expecting?

All I can really say is that the eyes slice right through the pixels to where I am.  And the hair, oh how I just wanna grasp it in both hands and hold on tight.

Drives me nuts; god I love it.