The Good Kind of Weird, Hopefully 
About Spring Dew... 

Bio's can be fun.  The operative words here are "can be."  Now I know why Zach likes to be "inspired by" (read "mimics") other people's bio styles.  It's just easier that way.
    I was born Stacy LeNore Dew in the very redneck Yazoo County, Mississippi.  Sign of Aquarius in what was purported to be the dawning of the Age of Aquarius.  I dunno bout all that, but I have always been different.  I talked too fast without enough drawl, hated bland overboiled overfried food and was bored by soap opera theatrics in real life.  I actually liked school and did well there, but never fit in with other girls, never even considered myself a girl, just a kid.  Human.
    Tons of stuff happened after that.  Started college, got pregnant, dropped out, released the baby for adoption, joined the Army, acquired an associates degree, got married twice, discovered I was bi but could do nothing about it at the time, got out of the Army, had more kids, acquired another associates degree, got into the Internet, and then things really began to happen.  The stuff that happened in and between, the life, can't be summed up so easily, but means so much more.  I talk about that from time to time.
    As it stands now, I live between Washington DC and Baltimore.  My husband and I are getting separated, will share custody of our two sons, Moomie, 4, and Boober, 2 (not their real names, of course).  I am polyamorous and bisexual, though involved in a monogamous hetero relationship at the present.  I own a web design business that is just getting rolling good, and have close ties to Active WorldsOpen Pages, and Nice Jewish Girls, as well as their respective satellite communities.
    I have been starving for a social life since getting married, and immersion into the net was the first stage of coming back out into collective humanity.  Now it's time to go farther, regain some lost ground. 
    There is a lot more, but that's what my journal is for.  Plus, there are some confessions, if you really wanna know.