Calling Collect

You never realize what a comfort the voice of a friend is until you need it. 

I needed it. 

The bullshit factor down here is so great, the environment so cobwebbed with gripes and grudges, hints and innuendoes, excuses and lies, a person just can't think sometimes.  If I let myself be drawn into it, God help me.  So I keep my peace, nod grimly when spoken to, except at the more ludicrous comments, when I can't help but laugh.  Utter bullshit. 

I hate to call collect.  I can't stand to inflict a cost on another, especially just for my own comfort.  But oh God, how it helps to hear the voice of a true friend, one unentangled in the crap that mires my family down into worry and grief.  The voice of a friend who just plain cares.  It's like finally reaching home in a storm, closing the door on the howling wind, and lighting a candle to enjoy in the quiet inside. 

Thank you.

--5 Oct 97