Busy busy busy!  Tonight was the haunted house and Halloween party for my husband's Army unit.  Tomorrow is the big day itself, the highlight of which for me is the Samhain ritual in the morning.  Saturday night is the haunted house and Halloween party hosted by my church, Bowie Universalist Unitarian Fellowship.  In and between all this are the preparations: candy-buying and costume choosing (yes we did that the 1st but minds tend to change) and baking and whatnot. 

Yesterday (as I said it would be) was indeed a very big day.  I dunno if I looked my best, but the person I met seemed very appreciative <blush>.  Note to self:  save the garter belt for the bedroom, the darn thing didn't stay fastened all the time and the refastening is something that cannot be done discreetly.  The underthings from Victoria's Secret did indeed do good things for my confidence; it's amazing what interiror apparel can do for exterior appearance, heh, especially with the Miracle Bra to count on. 

Cryptic remarks: 
I always loved balloons, now I love them even more. 
Sometimes getting lost can be great fun. 
Big juicy burgers are better multiplied by two. 
I must be unconsciously addicted to OD green. 
It's ridiculous but I feel scared about things that happened twenty years ago.  Glad things worked out ok. 

I had a whole lot of other things I meant to talk about tonight, things that were on my mind today, but of course now as I sit here, I draw a blank.  I do know that there is a feeling of peace upon me that has been missing in my life for a long time.  Even today's migraine could not destroy that. 

Ahhhh the fortune cookie.  I seldom take these things seriously, but when one hits on a current event in a specific way, it cannot really be ignored.  Tuesday night, weary from the attempted shopping (how can people actually like shopping???), I sat down to a plate of noodles and fried rice and sweet and sour chicken.  I broke open my cookie and read: 

    A new friend helps you break out of an old routine. 
    Lucky numbers 11, 12, 16, 17, 40, 46
<huge grin> Those of you who like to ask me for lottery numbers, there they are.  I dunno how lucky they'll be for YOU, but the first part of the fortune is definitely dead-on for ME, so who knows?