Good End, Bad DAy

The night is clear, the air is clean, and I am so full of love and hope.

What a lousy rotten day today has been.  My candle is burning beside my keyboard, raising its fragrance and with it the soothing comfort of memories of love.

I want to tell what today was like, but somehow I just can't get started.  I did wake up nicely, and even though I heard the bellowing, I swore in my anger that today would be different.  I would not go cold as usual, numb against the pain, but rather work hard, hard to increase the peace, to turn the hatefullness away with kindness.  To let the barbs sail by missing their mark, to do considerate things, to let a soft voice and sweet words do my speaking.

It failed miserably.

I hate the weekends.

But as usual, the contact from those whom I love soothes me, comforts me, their love washing over me, and I am moved to return it tenfold, and it feels sooooo good.

Today, early this morning, the rain fell slight, light, slick and sweet.  Then the water gushed from the swollen wound of the sky, bashing upon the houses and cars.  And it ran dry, giving the wet clean world peace and sunshine.  I needed the beauty that God infused in the world.  It was one anchor in the roiling sea of anger and hatred.  Love was the other.