Tiny House Expert

13925995_portraitWhen I first became aware of tiny houses in 2008, I was captivated. I read everything available on the subject, which at the time wasn’t much. But I kept in contact with the growing community of tiny house enthusiasts and activists. I read books, articles, and websites as they were released and followed along with developments online. I was determined to become a tiny house expert and join this newly developing movement.

Now, thanks in part to HGTV and the FYI Network, the general public is beginning to know what tiny houses are and why some choose them. But it’s still not so easy to find experts in the field. Well, I’m here to help.

Not only am I available for consultation, but I can point you to others who can share their experience and knowledge as well.

Contact me today to learn all about the tiny house movement.

Member of The National Organization of Alternative Housing

Member of The American Tiny House Association

Member of the Tiny Home Industry Association