Quick and Dirty

Two Experiements in CGI Journalling

coNNected - quick and dirty

page two - 28 May - 2 Jun 00
page one - 24 May 00 - 27 May 00

More recently, I tried blogger for making journal entries.  Blogger is a very nice site and tool, but I wasn't comforatble with the interface and the archiving system.
the Hangar - quick and dirty

page two - 9 Aug 99 - 7 Feb 00
page one - 28 Jan 99 - 7 Aug 99

I longed for a method of making journal entries that did not invovle a lot of web page modification and FTP and file renaming and stuff like this.  In this experiement, I abuse a guestbook program.  I didn't like having to manually archive, but that was ok.  What turned me off was the program's tendency to put a + sign in the text if  used the spacebar twice in a row.