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Windows, Flanges, and Decorative Elements

It’s hard to research things when you don’t know their names.

What’s a window called when it has no flange but it does have some kind of pre-attached trim on the front? Some of my windows have this, and I need to research how to flash it.

Here’s my window layout. Clicking it will give you a bigger version in a lightbox.

Windows #8 and #9 are identical. These images are not recent; the windows have since been de-caulked and mostly cleaned up. These are my real, true salvage windows. BTW the post-its indicate the inside vs. the outside. I took these a few months ago for my designer Lina.

These I have learned to flash. I have no worries about these. Likewise, I know how to handle window #6. It has a nailing flange, like good little modern windows are supposed to. Plenty of info there.

Window #4 should work pretty much the same way as #8 and #9. It’s got a different sort of frame on the front than on the back, but it’s essentially the same size inside and out. It should, I hope, flash like any other flangeless window.

Here are my problem windows:

Please ignore the odd handle on the side and brackets on the bottoms. These had been in display cases. You can see there is significant trim around the front that doesn’t look like it comes off. 
Here’s a picture of #5 that illustrates what I mean:
I really don’t know how flashing is done for these. So that’s what I’m trying to find out now. I need to obtain all the proper materials. Whee!
Update: This document leads me to believe that it might be brickmould and that a double bead of sealant should help. There’s a diagram about how to place a drip cap and flashing. It might be okay. When I can next access the windows and get more details about their models/SKUs, I can probably get better information.

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