yia yia's waggon

Wherein it All Gangs Agley

Well, I have the SIPs and most of them are at the build location. Two roof panels are still in the truck; I’ll need help unloading them, so a friend will come help tomorrow.

I don’t really want to talk about when I received them and after what problems. But the Papaw’s Cabin at Tennessee Tiny Homes is looking ever so much more attractive than it did before I went down this particular path. It was well within my budget. You live, you learn.

This week I am finding out everything I can about how to put these together and wrestling the schedule back on track. I’ll need to obtain some lumber that was meant to be in the kit and receive by UPS some mastic that was also meant to be in the kit.

I am also preparing for the two phases after Assembly Day: electrical rough-in and siding. The dust bag I ordered for the compound miter saw doesn’t fit. A different one is on the way. I was mistaken about inclusion of arbors (aka mandrels) for the hole saws I ordered, so trying to find some to borrow now. Ordering new ones will take too long and the home improvement stores around here don’t have them. I really don’t understand that.