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Trimmed List of Lists

It was getting hard to see the remaining things, so here’s a trimmed list.

To-do List

  • Pre-pickup prep
    • Move all items from current storage to bigger unit. in progress
    • Clean up and cancel rental on old unit. in progress
    • Backprime all the siding.
    • Finish cleaning up windows and doors.
    • Learn learn learn!
  • Continue to obtain and store materials.
  • Organize all the materials out of the way for the assembly phase.
  • Pick-up day – go to Dixon to pick up April 29!
  • Verify load.
  • Secure load.
  • Park load in the work area. 
  • Prep for assembly. To include FOOD and BEVERAGES.
  • Assembly day, May 7 – assemble! Hoping to have several friends helping with this.
  • Roof coat.
  • Electrical rough-in, to include wiring for water pump, which comes after Jamboree.
  • House wrap – need an extra pair of hands here.
  • Furring strips.
  • Windows and door – need an extra pair of hands for this.
  • Rough in the tongue box and whatever services will be housed there.
  • Siding.
  • Exterior trim.
  • Paneling.
  • Finish electrical.
  • Arrange for electrical inspection.
  • Interior trim.

Shopping List

  • Tyvek and corresponding tape
  • Heavy gauge wire for mains and battery
  • Boxes for switches and outlets
  • Switch for water pump
  • Battery box – build or buy
  • Battery cutoff switch
  • Terminal strip for DC connections
  • Battery
  • Wiremold – white for interior, possibly another color for exterior marker lights
  • Weensy screws for paneling
  • Sealant compatible with Tyvek

Borrow List

  • Fish rod set – it doesn’t have to glow in the dark.
  • Multimeter
  • 1 1/8″ or 1 3/16″ drill bit or hole saw to make the hole for USB sockets
  • 2 7/8″ hole saw for power inlet
  • 4″ hole saw for running electrical

Research List

  • Forgot what gauge of heavy gauge wire I need for mains and battery. Look it up again.
  • Do I need to use a sealant behind my furring strips so that when I screw them in, there’s a seal at the screw?
  • Still need weensy screws for paneling, may need to wait until after kit arrives to confirm OSB depth. I want to attach paneling but not do too much penetrating of the substrate.
  • Need to plan out precise eventual locations of:
    • Electrical panel
    • Battery box with battery
    • Propane tank
    • Fresh water tank and pump
    • Gray water tank
  • Find out how to add marker lamps to trailer electric from tow vehicle.
  • Special ​flashing for the top edges of the end fascia boards, possibly also side fascia.
  • Plan how to insulate and box the wheel wells on the inside.
  • Revisit the water heater question.
  • Figure out water inlets.

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