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So Many Things

I’ve been posting mostly to my Facebook event simply because it’s easier, but I might be flooding the group’s main page, so it might be time to post more here.
There are a hundred things currently on my mind about this build. A few:
Right now, Artisan are working with the factory to finalize the SIPs plans, after which I will cut the check and manufacture begins. Or at least gets scheduled, since I don’t want to pick up until April.
Have been watching instructional videos about installing various types of roofing. Have not compared costs, but frankly that’s not really the big factor. My concern with a SIP roof is that any damage is going to be far more difficult to repair than in a framed roof. So it is absolutely vital that whatever roofing I use be easy for me to get right the first time. Maximum protection. Especially as applied by an amateur. I see so many professional roofing jobs that wind up leaking, and I want as little risk of that as possible. More and more it’s looking like a rubber or silicone coating system is best for this. I have not yet checked out alternatives to GacoRoof, but this is the direction I am leaning. Working out quantities that would be required.
Learning about siding. I would prefer six inch cedar shiplap but it may not be available at that time. It is not available now but has been before. Six inch cedar tongue and groove is an acceptable substitute. I want to buy closer to build date so I don’t have to store it long and risk damage. Also want to be able to return any defective bits. 
Attaching siding to a mobile project is different than for houses and sheds. Screws instead of nails. Have to plan pre-drilling and screw length.
Working out how to attach half ribs, belly rail, and bottom rail. Since the rails are edge on, just screwing through is not likely to work. Dowels? Brackets? What?
Would love to use spindles in place of ribs. My nephew says he has a bunch somewhere – that would be cool if so. I also know where to get a bunch on discount.
Working out quantities of paint required for siding and trim. I plan on pre-painting the lengths of siding before installation. Same for trim.
Have decided on a decoupage floor. Need to work out quantities of Mod Podge and polyurethane required. Need to also draw out the design. I have some cool ideas.
Have decided on bead board wallpaper for ceiling. Probably will use pre-pasted. Need to decide what moisture seal paint to use and determine quantity.
Have not decided interior wall treatment yet.
Current plan is to hold off installing electric, plumbing, and gas. The SIPs come with chases that make electric (and maybe gas? Too dangerous?) installation easy. I can rough in drains and maybe water supply line opening. But I’d like to be in a suitable state to bring the waggon to Tiny House Jamboree in August, so these things can be postponed to spend more time on interior surfaces.
Idea for awning-style shutters has evolved. I originally wanted shutters that mimic pallets. Now, I’d like to ask my cousin Missy to paint the flat wood with images of various chickens, and then I attach trim and spindles to give the effect of cages that the chickens are in. I think that would be more fun.
Awning-style shutters for all the windows. An extended shutter for the door, along with a flip-down porch. Working on drawings for these now.
Uhm, maybe that’s it for now.

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