yia yia's waggon


I am mostly done with the buying and storing of materials. There will still be a few things like wire nuts, weensy screws for paneling, wiremold and other sorts of molding, things like that. But the major things are taken care of.

That also means Hilda the work truck gets a break. I’ve been burning through the fuel picking up things from hither and yon and delivering them to the workshop. Until the big trip at the end of the month, I can scooter about.

Next comes priming, cleaning up the windows and door, and then getting everything out of the way of the trailer parking area. Integral to the priming portion is setting up the saw for trimming the planks that are not totally okay, because those have to get primed too.

Holy cow, I have about a week before I have to leave to get the SIPs package.