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It’s up!

Well, okay! Very busy couple of weeks. I photo blogged them in this publicly viewable Facebook album.

As it stands, the subfloor, floor, and walls are all up and attached. Most of the roof panels are on the top but not yet adjusted, glued, and screwed. I have to wash all the dust and grit off their edges so the mastic will stick, then can arrange and fasten them. One small roof panel is not up yet. That’s to allow room to maneuver. Once most of the other panels are securely fastened, up it goes and then the one after it, which is the last in line.

Apropos my last entry about the wheel wells, I plan not to seal up the tops of the fenders at all. Most of my construction is not actually reaching down to touch the fenders, but built hovering over them instead. There are a couple of points of contact where the floor panel touches the fenders. Those will need some sort of treatment, but not so much as a wall edge might have. I’ll be boxing in the gap above/behind the fenders where the wall and floor join, but that’s a whole separate thing. I feel much better about protection from moisture now.

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