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When I hoped to order an Aurora from Hornby Island Caravans, I was content with the default cedar shiplap exterior. I like other stuff, but I liked the default well enough not to spare an expense to do something different.

Now that this may turn into a self-build, I’m re-examining the choices I haven’t made, the defaults I accepted. The exterior is one of those.

In favor:

  • Tongue-and-groove
  • Shiplap
  • Bright colors
  • Stain, different shades
  • Belly band
  • Head band
  • Bottom band
  • Ribs – lightly chamfered or not chamfered at all, moderate in number
  • Porch bracket corbels, especially carved ones, even though no porch, per se
  • Gingerbread!
  • Shutters

Not in favor:

  • Flat paneling
  • Extremely ornate trim, lots of ribs, highly chamfered
  • Single color stained exterior



Mmmmmmmm mebbe.

Too much.


Really nope.

I’d love a wind spinner in one of my upper porch brackets. It would be nice to have a chalice and flame in a circular cutout, and have the flame spin in the breeze.

And a ladder!

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