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Dizzying Progress

Bit by bit I’m getting more accomplished on that giant list. I’m also remembering more things and adding them to the list. That’s the way of it, right?

I’ve added to the list a DC adapter for my digital camera so I can stake it out at the corner of the workspace for time lapse images and video. It burns through AA batteries like crazy, and unmounting it to change batteries would ruin the continuity.

Nearly all the electrical bits are ordered. I have trepidation about boxes for power outlets and switches. I don’t know that the regular size boxes will fit in my walls, but I don’t want to go with shallow unless I absolutely have to.

In the process of sorting through the siding, it’s been dismaying how many pieces are not useful, or are only partially useful. I’ve thought of a way to do my trim with the bits that are not useful for siding, so that’s turning out to be a help.

Gonna hit up Habitat ReStore for Tyvek tomorrow. I only need a bit more than 49 feet of it, and I think the smallest roll you can get is 150 feet.

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