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Coming Together

Things are starting to come together!

I go to pick up the Artisan Tiny House kit in California on April 29.
Two boxes of accessories for assembly are on their way here now.
The assembly day party is tentatively set for May 7.

Recently acquired:

  • T&G siding
  • GacoRoof (they don’t make Rustic anymore, settled for Gray)
  • Scroll saw (Gingerbread, anyone?)
  • Compound miter saw
I get to learn how to use the saws! Really looking forward to the scroll saw. I saw a vardo the other day that had gingerbread even for the window trim. It was fantastic! I would like the license to go nuts.

Went to Habitat to get some of those so-plentiful spindles and they were all gone. I don’t know if there will be more anytime soon or if I need to do something different. Shall I learn to chamfer?

Also need to clean up the reclaimed windows and door. They’re dirty and the windows still have caulk stuck on. 

Giving more thought to the interior, I want trim to cover the horizontal seams in the paneling. That’s a really great application of a chair rail. If a proposed chair rail overlaps the upper electrical chase, so much the better – I can embed outlets and switches in the rail rather than just the paneling and OSB, for a nice look and greater stability. I’ll have to measure it all out and see.
I may be able to get electrical and some plumbing in before Jamboree after all. Keeping an eye on timing and funding, but it could be possible.

I probably do want some kind of light fixture outside the front door, but I have very little depth to work with. Hmmm …

What do you call those strips that cover up exposed wiring? I’ll probably need some of those for light fixtures as I don’t think the roof panels come with chases.
One thing I haven’t mentioned or depicted is an exterior box on the tongue end for the various utilities. But there should be one. If I get to install utilities before Jamboree, then yay. But if I don’t, I’ll want to put the box on the outside as planned, and put a framed panel on the inside so I have access to the SIP later.

I had a wrong number call a couple of mornings ago. Didn’t think much about it until after I hung up, but then realized he’d said he’s an electrical contractor. God thing maybe?

Got a good lead on assembly location. There’s a storage place in Provo that has warehouse sized units with power and heat that can be used as workshops. I have an inquiry in right now.

Next up:
  • Fasteners
    • Stainless steel 1 1/4″ or 1 1/2″ screws for siding – approximately 952 of them
    • 1 5/8″ screws for furring strips – approximately 476 of them
    • 1/4″ screws for paneling – haven’t calculated yet
    • Screws for trim – haven’t calculated this either
  • Lumber for exterior trim
  • Spindles: 36
  • Caulking gun
  • Construction adhesive/liquid nails
  • Rent or borrow hole saw
    • Need to make 4″ holes 
  • CO & smoke detector – battery operated
  • Ventilation system
  • 4 scissor jacks
  • Jack pads
  • Motorcycle rack
  • Interior trim

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