Scotland Trip!

Tickets are bought and reservations are made! My teen and I are going to visit the Isle of Lewis (that’s in Scotland) in July. We’re attending the Hebridean Celtic Festival and probably also the Hebridean Maritime Festival. We’re visiting the standing stones of Callanish. We’re having dinghy lessons. We’re checking out a for-real police box. We’re probably also doing some other fun yet undecided things around Glasgow and Edinburgh. And we are taking a rental car so we can stop and see stuff spontaneously. Woo hoo!



Flight to Glasgow SLC -> GLA Tuesday, July 16, 2013
Hostel in Edinburgh Wednesday night
Find Wilson Street police box, Glasgow Whenever possible
Ferry 7/18/2013 and 7/21/2013
Stay at Heb Hostel, Stornoway Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights
Attend Celtic Festival Thursday, Friday and Saturday
Dinghy lessons Friday 9:30 AM reservations
Visit Callanish and other sites Saturday? Sunday?
Margaret Curtis tour Saturday? Sunday?
Hostel in Edinburgh Sunday night
Hostel in Glasgow Monday night
Return to SLC GLA -> SLC Tuesday, July 23, 2013