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Mickey’s Fuel Economy

So I got my fuel log uploaded into fuel.ly – some odometer readings might have been flubbed because some of these MPG figures are not real. I did flag the missing entries due to the milk leaking onto the pages (or it could have been water – there have been a few incidents) so in theory fuel.ly should have been able to compensate for them. Still, there is such a sheer wall of data that the anomalies ought to mostly average out.

A few items:

  • Since moving to Utah, my mileage is better. It was usually just under 100 in South Florida but has mostly been over 100 in Utah County.
  • Overall average is 105.1 mpg.
  • In almost the entire time I have owned Mickey, I have spent $586.77 on fuel for her. I started tracking the cost after having her a month, so that’s 2 September 2008 to present.
  • After I had her for a year, I met an ol biker who suggested I not crank the throttle all the way. He said I should try it and see if I get better mileage. I did that from 22 July 2009 until receiving the Scooter in Utah in September 2010. I don’t see any difference in mileage.

I have a spreadsheet in use before fuel.ly. It’ll be interesting to stick this data into it and see if the same patterns occur. The fuel.ly back end is supposed to be more sophisticated, so it could help to to make sure some of that sophistication isn’t causing the jigglies appearing here.

I take a lot of ribbing for not owning a car, but the numbers speak for themselves. Living now in a land of icy winters does mean taking the bus during those months; that costs approximately $80 per month. A few times per year I rent a car for┬álong trips, so there’s rental, insurance, and gas for a car for just those days. (And none of the responsibility for maintaining or repairing it.) It could be interesting sometime to add up the totality of my annual transportation costs without a car and compare them to what they would be with a car. It might make a pretty bold case.