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4Runner Trouble

Posting here so the search engine spiders can pick it up. Had some trouble with the truck yesterday.

2003 Toyota 4Runner
Onset approx 5PM 1/19/2014
Towed to shop 9AM 1/20/2014
Moab UT

Continuous beeping

Dashboard lights on:

Result of codes pulled:
C1223 fault ABS control system
C1251 pump motor seized – open circuit pump
C1252 hydro boost pump motor fault
C1256 accumulator low pressure fault
Cleared codes come right back
Recommend dealer

One thought on “4Runner Trouble

  1. So the dealer pulled the whole braking assembly and replaced. Over 3 grand. I found some advice regarding replacing relays, then the pump before replacing the entire assembly, but the dealer was unwilling to do that. All or nothing. Not my truck, not my call.

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