tiny living

Build Report

A few weeks ago I wrote I was dying of suspense about my tiny home build. Obviously, it didn’t kill me, but it did prompt me to reach out to a LOT more other builders, which turned out to be a good thing. Neither Hornby Island nor Zyl are going to work out for this build. I have several other prospective builders lined up who are interested. Some are within the cost/weight realm in which I can work and some are not.

It quickly became apparent that I need complete plans and whatever other construction documents are necessary before contracting with anyone. I’ve asked Lina Menard of Niche Consulting to help me with this, and we have our first consult Wednesday. I am so looking forward!

I blogged my frustrations here, rather than my build blog At Home on the Road, because I use that blog to help show what I want and am doing. It didn’t seem a nice place to fret and be irritable.

Oh! Because the serious design work can’t commence until the fall, that gives me a better timeline for my build, and also better allows self-building to be a viable option. If I can get a build date and place on the calendar, I can use the time between to gain skills I need to do it myself. I’d still rather use a pro builder, but it won’t be scary and awful if I have to do it myself.