Unsuccessful People Talk about People

Unsuccessful people talk about people while successful people talk about ideas. When I read this, it rang a dim chime of familiarity somewhere in the back of my head, so I looked it up and here it was:

Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.

–Attributed to Eleanor Roosevelt

She may not have originated it, but she certainly said it, and it’s been said lots of times since because it’s probably true. I know my mind was much smaller when it was obsessed with the doings of people rather than the doings of the universe. And when I revert my behavior, it shrinks again.

So, how to move onward then? Educate myself. Find out about events, and then find out about ideas. Develop opinions. Study topics and revise my opinions. Learn and grow, learn and grow.

I’ve been stagnant too long.