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Blogging Again

So it’s become a bit of a hassle to blog in LJ, and the way that LJ works with website embedding has changed again, so my LJ wasn’t displaying here properly anymore. It looks like it just makes more sense to just post here and crosspost to LJ and FB. Once again doing a blog on my site. 🙂

A walk through my hosted file structure is like a walk through time, where the folders are the layers of the earth. It’s weird going there.

I don’t expect to post much here really. Since most of what I feel like blogging is Doctor Who related, you’ll find it at It’s Timey-Wimey! But there are still sometimes things that beg to be blogged somewhere a bit more findable than FB.

Edit: yes I like WP’s Twenty Eleven theme. I also like vanilla ice cream. It’s okay to like the default sometimes.