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Flat Stanley and Flat Stella at FEMA

From FEMA:

Administrator Fugate, Flat Stanley and Stella on CNN

FEMA is excited to welcome two of its newest employees: Flat Stanley and Flat Stella! The pair will be working at FEMA to help kids learn more about disasters and emergencies. Children and their parents can build their own FEMA Flat Stanley or Flat Stella and share with their friends and classmates the steps they have taken to support preparedness throughout their homes, schools and communities. What a great activity to do with your kids this summer and then have them show off their project when they return to school. FEMA Administrator Fugate, Flat Stanley and Stella even appeared on CNN yesterday to talk about the importance of preparedness.

You can follow Stanley and Stella’s FEMA adventures by checking out their blog postings, FEMA’s Twitter feed, FEMA’s Facebook page, or you can email them. Flat Stanley and Stella are just another way in which FEMA continues to emphasize the critical nature of youth preparedness.