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This One Simple Trick Drastically Reduced My Time on Facebook

There are pages all over the Internet about how to reduce the time Facebook steals from your day. This one, in fact, is a really good place to start.

But none of them mention the one handy trick I used to win back my life! It turned out to be far simpler than I expected. One neat feature made all the difference.

That feature? It’s the Get Notifications setting. That’s the setting that makes this number appear:



Facebook automatically sets Get Notifications to on for people you designate as family or close friends. But it only takes a couple of people who post a lot of pointless things to rack these numbers up. Facebook automatically sets it to off for others, even though their posts wind up being quite immediately valuable to me.

What I did was take a look at the settings for all my friends and turn off “Get Notifications” for everyone who doesn’t instantly enrich my life with nearly every post, and turn it on for those who do.

No need to worry that it will cut them out of my life, the way that unfriending them might, or make me lose track, the way unfollowing them would. They’re still my friends and still accessible, just not vying for my constant attention.

Here’s the secret that makes this work:

During the day, I only check notifications. I don’t look at my Home page at all. I just click on that little globe icon to see only those posts.

If someone posted a time-consuming thing, like a video or an article, I use the Save feature to save it for later. I skip entirely notifications about people liking things.

Once I have checked the notifications, I close Facebook. And that’s it!

When I have down-time, like on the weekend, I can then look at those saved items and read the Home page to see what folks have been up to. I set a certain amount of time for this, and then I go do something else.

Here’s how to enable or disable Get Notifications quickly and easily:

My handsome groom is helping me illustrate.
  • Mouse over a friend’s name in your feed.
  • Mouse over the Friends button.
  • See whether there is a check next to Get Notifications.
    • If that person’s posts usually enhance your life immediately and can’t wait for down-time, click Get Notifications to add the check, if it’s not there already.
    • If they’re best savored during down-time, make sure there is no check, or click Get Notification to remove it if it’s there.

If you have already done the sensible steps listed in this article about reducing your Facebook time, but you still find yourself all tied up with it, why not give the Get Notifications method a try?

You could get your life back!


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