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eBay Win

Ebay muss Faelschungen aus dem Angebot nehmenThose who know me know that when a business ticks me off, one of the ways I get relief is to warn others through punitive blogging. Well, when a business really comes through for me, I like to engage in appreciative blogging, too. Today, it’s all about eBay.

I got frustrated last week because I couldn’t log in and I couldn’t receive any password reminders. I called support, and the nice lady asked me lots and lots of questions, including what some of my old postal addresses were. Satisfied that I was the person I claimed to be, she set the system to send me a link to update the password. The system had some maintenance to run first, so it wouldn’t be coming through on the same day.

Today I got that email and reset my password to something highly complicated. Then I went in and looked at the log.

eBay had totally protected me. It wasn’t just my spacey head forgetting passwords or what I might have changed my email address to. The account really was hijacked. eBay had noticed new transactions that didn’t appear to be from me and had put the account on suspension. They canceled the transactions. I can’t see what the transactions had been for, but I can see the notification and what the email address on the account had been at the time.

Thank you, eBay!