Top 40 Last Week – Part 3

Picking up the thread of last week’s top 40. Here are Part 1 and Part 2. Again, I am listening to these without watching the video, in the effort to judge the music on its own merits.

21 Wake Me Up!
I like the country flavor. The electronic doesn’t mesh smoothly so the overall impression is kind of hokey. I don’t know how you’d go about integrating electronic elements into a homestyle song in a way that isn’t hokey but if I find it, I’ll tell you.
22 Unconditionally
Katy Perry
It’s alright. I’m not going to be singing this all next week the way I did with Eminem’s/Rihanna’s “The Monster”. But it’s okay. Actually, I just now sang the refrain from “The Monster” again and my coworker is earwormed. Win!
23 Love More
Chris Brown & Nicki Minaj
Another that’s just kind of okay. I like vulgarity if it’s creative. In this case, it’s not. If you’re wondering what I’m talking about, Google Mary Prankster.
24 Story Of My Life
One Direction
I think I’ve heard this one before. I like it. Not as keen on the refrain, but the verses are pretty sweet.
25 Mine Would Be You
Blake Shelton
Straight-up formula country. I like it. Classic lines and a smooth ride.
26 Wrecking Ball
Miley Cyrus
I like this fairly well.
27 Turn Down For What
DJ Snake & Lil Jon
The sleigh bells are an interesting touch. I like this, but you may not if things that sound noisy are a problem for you.
28 Love More
Chris Brown & Nicki Minaj
We already did this one. I have no idea how it got on the chart twice. Maybe I used an unreliable chart. Maybe I made a copy/paste error.
29 Young Girls
Bruno Mars
I like this one. It’s got some sha-la-la classic rock elements but it isn’t stuck like that. It’s croony too.
30 Adore You
Miley Cyrus
It doesn’t suck, but I’d use it for background music rather than anything in the front of my attention. It’s got melodic elements but the heavy vibe of freaking needy is kind of annoying.