Successful People


Here’s a text list with these tendencies in one-to-one relationship. Green is what I’m doing right more often than not. Yellow is what I’m doing wrong more often than not.

Successful people: Unsuccessful people:
Compliment Criticize
Forgive others Hold a grudge
Accept responsibility for their failures Blame others for their failures
Keep a journal Say they keep a journal but don’t
Want others to succeed Secretly hope others fail
Keep a “to-be” list Don’t know what they want to be
Set goals and develop life plans Never set goals
Continuously learn Think they know it all
Operate from a tranformational perspective Operate from a transactional perspective
Keep a to-do / project list Fly by the seat of their pants
Embrace change Fear change
Exude joy Exude anger
Share information and data Hoard information and data
Talk about ideas Talk about people
Read every day Watch TV every day
Give other people credit for their victories Take all the credit of their victories
Have a sense of gratitude Have a sense of entitlement

Successful people keep a journal. Time I resumed the practice. I’ve been keeping a journal on paper, but that’s fallen behind. It’s really the act of journalling over the existence of a journal itself that’s valuable to a person’s development.

Not all my entries will be public view. I’ll continue to work in a paper journal sometimes, especially when artifacts are involved, like movie tickets and photos. But this blog will do for now.

Apropos nothing, here’s a list of CSS color names, which I needed for coloring in the above list.