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Kerry started building without even a clue …

She’d been camping on a hillside on her newly-bought land. But a storm was coming, and her neighbor said she needed a house. That night, her tent attempted to fly away with her. That was just the beginning.

For the last three years,¬†Atulya K “Kerry” Bingham has been blogging her adventures in earthbag housing on a hillside in Turkey. Now her¬†story is available as an ebook, offered free for a limited time only. I’ve been reading The Mud, and I’m finding it insightful and inspirational. So many aspects of her life resonate with that longing for connection I feel – connection that I crave with my world.

Kerry has also put together a helpful guide to earthbag construction, so that you can learn the lessons she learned the hard way. This is a method I hope to put into practice in building a home base in Arizona, so I am particularly keen on the usefulness of this ebook. I encourage you to pick it up now!

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