The weekend

I’m frustrated. I want to make progress on the dog treat research but the computers I have access to at home are not up to it. The baby Dell drags and grinds. The red Dell overheats, so it can’t run for long.

I found out that the mobile bookmarks are not syncing as I expected, so the research I did on the red dell isn’t remotely accessible.

I didn’t work on this much Saturday. Unloaded siding, got a migraine, slept it off, went to DI for clothes, did a bit of research Saturday night. Sunday, prepped for church, altered the clothes I got from DI, did lots of laundry, did a bit of research.

It will be helpful to have the waggon finished if only to have an office where I don’t get interrupted. It’s not a problem on weekday mornings, but the weekends can be tricky.

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