Amp it Up!

Have gotten serious again about coursework after the hiatus for building, the layoff, and Tiny House Jamboree.

Have signed up for Joshua Boswell’s Simple Path to Success: 12 Weeks to Winning Clients for a Lifetime. It’s kind of intense. Right now it’s Foundations week, so I’ve sent in the questionnaire, obtained the required books and started reading them, and refined my spreadsheet that has all my goals and wants. I need to finish that spreadsheet, plus all the preliminary videos and materials. Week 1 starts next week. There are a lot of moving parts.

I may have to change my goal to finish 6F by 8/29. There’s still a lot left to do. I am at Lift Notes in Part 3 on page 246, with exercise #19.

One thing that is hammered on early with Simple Path is that once I’m making money, I need a PA to take on tasks that don’t earn me much or earn very little, particularly domestic or admin tasks. I’ve changed my to-do list into a PA list, so I can be thinking of these tasks in that way, and also have good examples to show potential PAs when I start hiring.

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