Six Subjects: Prepare for the Next Role

I passed CIS v3!!!

Whew. I was tense. Went in low on sleep and after a super busy shift with little time to study.

Next things to study for this subject:

  • Familiarization with products and technologies outside my current role
  • Re-familiarization with technologies I haven’t used in a while

Already got some of the second one whipping my sites back into shape.

Cloud Infrastructure and Services (CIS) v3

The front page says that one of my Six Subjects is whatever next role I’m preparing for in my employment. Currently that’s a more specialized type of technical support. A job agent is running reports for me about positions that open up fitting my keywords and other parameters, so I’ve got a good idea of who’s hiring whom, and what skills are needed.

Previous advice to the contrary, lots of these posts list a preference for Dell Certified Professionals, so one of these certifications went on the list for right after VMware VCP. My certification tracking map says that Cloud Infrastructure and Services v3 is the correct one for me. Here’s a link to the description of the certification and the exam (PDF). Here’s a link to more information about the course.

I’d already taken the v2 online version of the course when I was first hired, as it was requisite for the position. I didn’t know there was a certification for it, though, and then it was upgraded to v3, which I took also, still unaware. There’s a difference between studying to know and studying to pass an exam, for me. The first is about grasping concepts, while the second is about reciting the required terms in the right combination.

So now I’ve taken the course again, and generated some 500 notecards in the process. I’m still going through the student guide to make further notes. My pedantic memory is not what it was, and, frankly, my confidence took a huge hit when I didn’t pass VMware vSphere 6.5. It was good that I didn’t – it meant changing everything about how I study, but it increases anxiety, too.

Got 85% on the practice test. It takes 60 to pass. I’m probably going to be okay. Probably.