Things I don’t like:

  • Too much credit card debt
  • Not enough savings
  • Not enough time to do what I want

Things I like:

  • Houses paid off
  • Decent income
  • Job I love

Things I want to do:

  • Travel
    • Sailing trip
    • Overseas trip
    • Yellowstone
    • Valley of the Gods
    • Nova Scotia
  • Improve Robert Smalls Station NC
    • Native habitat landscaping
    • Electrical access
    • Guests
    • Fostering
  • Improve Camp Mary Jane Richards MS
    • Move the house
    • Native habitat landscaping
    • Heating system
    • Porch/shed – sink, washer, shower
    • Guest shack
    • Fence
    • Electrical
    • Septic?
  • Improve Fort Abraham Galloway NM
    • Water collection
    • Earthbag house
  • Improve Fort Mary Fields UT
    • Water collection
    • Earthbag house
  • Fix/improve the truck
    • Transmission
  • Get a van
    • Set it up for camping

Things I Dream About

  • Having my own business
    • Copywriting
    • Native plant landscaping
  • More serious traveling
    • Vanlife
  • Activism
  • Volunteer work

Some Steps to Do

  1. Analyze spending.
  2. Set limits.
  3. Reorganize auto-pay.
    • All auto-pay from Primary Credit Union Credit Card, except one expense each from Big Ugly Credit Card and Big Patriotic Credit Card.
  4. Pay off Big Ugly Credit Card.
  5. Pay off Big Patriotic Credit Card.
  6. Use Primary Credit Union Credit Card for recurring expenses.
    • Include Big Credit Cards.
  7. Use Secondary Credit Union Credit Card for out of pocket expenses.
  8. Auto-deposit from Primary Credit Union Account to Secondary Credit Union Credit Card.
  9. Auto-deposit from Primary Credit Union Account to savings.
    • Save for travel.
    • Save for home improvement
    • Save for gifts
  10. Auto-Deposit from Primary Credit Union Account to investment.
  11. Big Credit Cards are paid off, apply for a credit card that earns points.
  12. Put money away for retirement – Brokerage Firm Rollover IRA (I already have 401k).