All my recent tidying up was sparked by a conversation about TV shows. I keep a list in Google Keep of what shows I follow, what I want to check out, and what sorts of things I like and dislike. But it’s on Google Keep. That’s not very shareable. On the verge of posting the list on Facebook, there was a “waitaminute” moment.

We are now at the conclusion of that moment.

Further, any potentially shareable list can go right in here.

Tattoo Day

After bedtime, it’ll be tattoo day! This one is different, not merely a touch-up or enhancement but a full-on cover-up. I’ll be destroying my very first, god-awful, wall-selected tattoo that has become blurry and carcinogenic-looking in favor of something much more dear to my heart – a traditional Sailor Jerry style US Army design. 

I’m stoked but apprehensive. This thing is going on a stretchy part of my body that already stretched. My size has been stable for a good long while and I hope to keep it that way, or even reduce it. I wonder what an eagle with a heart will become over time.

Open mind. I’ve got a great artist with a lot of experience, and as we consult, if it becomes clear that my original idea is a no-go, we can work out alternatives. Or move on to the next item on my list while design work continues. There is plenty of room for multiple right answers here.

Here’s my Facebook tattoo thread where you can see current, planned, and theorized work.

Tidy Up and Fix

I’ve been feeling like a bit of a tidy up. It’s been bothering me that the website has been broken ever since I had to sideline the copywriting and get a day job. I’d hoped the under construction plugin I was using would bar visitors from all of my site, but my old HTML based journals and blogs were still quite available, so I essentially had to break my site.

Nearly two years later, I don’t remember what exactly I did, in order to undo it.

I still don’t know. I’ve removed the .htaccess and klooged the config file of the WordPress installation, gone through all the settings, removed a lot of plugins (to include the Under Construction one). I can get the site working, no problem. But something is still … here. I have the site config set to explicitly state the location of that installation instead of using the fields in the app. If I comment the lines of the config, it all breaks again. And it’s something site-wide because my NaNoWriMo WordPress installation is also affected. But not this one, this newer one that was installed after the breakage.


I’ve been consolidating blogs/journals. The ministry journal and my waggon build journal are imported from Blogger. Haven’t figured out what, if anything, I can do about the anonymous personal program blog, since it’s separated from all of my identity for a very good reason and needs to remain so.

Similar, but slightly different problem with my LiveJournal. I carefully compartmentalized my content for whoever was interested in whatever topic, with varying levels of privacy and trust. I don’t see how any of that can be maintained with content I import. I seem to remember there being a way to import content and automatically set it to readable by author only, which would be fine; nobody’s going back there to read my stuff as it is, surely.

Meanwhile, I’m also getting some long overdue backing up done. I host my in-laws’ art and jewelry sites, and they’ve needed backing up for a long time now. Those are initiated and underway now. I can stick those on the Google Drive and the portable hard drive for redundancy.

After putting off Google Backup and Sync, it seemed finally time to resume it and let it do its thing. Except it wouldn’t resume. After a reinstall, it’s merrily chugging away at my documents and photos. Those can go on the portable as well. I think the things already on the portable came from Google Drive to start with, but I’ll check.