1:37 PM Eastern time, Sneads Ferry, North Carolina, USA

I keep tweaking up my home. Got the metal quail long before there ever was a house. The t-shirt pillow covers and curtains are the most recent.

Online community, for me, means I’m always in the neighborhood. Love that.

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My house randomly farts the scent of cedar and I’m loving it.

Ok, to be fair, it’s not farting, but it’s funnier that way.

I just love the randomness of it. Although I figure it means the primer on the back of my paneling is probably breaking down.

Source: Spring’s Micro.Blog

Emmy peed just in front of the litter box yesterday. Day before, she both peed and pooped in front of the door. I had already cleaned out the litter box and I’ve been letting her outside – her first preference – but it’s not helping lately.

Source: Spring’s Micro.Blog