Tattoo Day

After bedtime, it’ll be tattoo day! This one is different, not merely a touch-up or enhancement but a full-on cover-up. I’ll be destroying my very first, god-awful, wall-selected tattoo that has become blurry and carcinogenic-looking in favor of something much more dear to my heart – a traditional Sailor Jerry style US Army design. 

I’m stoked but apprehensive. This thing is going on a stretchy part of my body that already stretched. My size has been stable for a good long while and I hope to keep it that way, or even reduce it. I wonder what an eagle with a heart will become over time.

Open mind. I’ve got a great artist with a lot of experience, and as we consult, if it becomes clear that my original idea is a no-go, we can work out alternatives. Or move on to the next item on my list while design work continues. There is plenty of room for multiple right answers here.

Here’s my Facebook tattoo thread where you can see current, planned, and theorized work.