To Travel With Meat

A vanlifer I follow recently installed a freezer. I’m watching because it’s interesting and I like knowing how this is done, but I don’t plan on putting in a freezer, either into my tiny house or any future van.

One of my primary principles is to reduce electricity needs to the very barest minimum, so that production and storage of electricity is the barest minimum. I don’t want to fool with big batteries and huge solar arrays.

The ancestors, who didn’t have refrigeration, also hunted and fished and traveled with meat, so I’d like to learn to do it their way, by drying and canning. For example …

More about drying fish here.

My Firearms, Let Me Show You Them

Placed my order this morning for new firearms, completing a circle started long ago when I had to sell all my guns due to teh extreme broke. Only now am I finally financially secure enough to replace them. They are expected to be ready for pickup next week.


243 Win

Manufacturer’s Website


22 LR

I never trained with a scope and hadn’t planned to get one, but the cost was the same with or without. If it turns out I don’t like to shoot with it, I can think of a bunch of other uses.

Manufacturer’s Website


22 LR

Manufacturer’s Website


Update 1/28: Not everything arrived on time. It’s the 28th and I’m still waiting for the two rifles to come in. Meanwhile, last night I ordered the shotgun below. Because it was supposed to be more nearby, I was meant to pick that up today as well, but it did not happen. So I’ll go collect everything when these last three things arrive. Cases, locks, and ammo are awaiting me now.



Manufacturer’s Website


Update 1/31: I gave up waiting and went in to get shotgun, pistol, and assorted accessories already delivered. As it happens, the rifles were actually there. Who knows how long. Anyway, we did the background check thing and all of that, and we’re set!