To Travel With Meat

A vanlifer I follow recently installed a freezer. I’m watching because it’s interesting and I like knowing how this is done, but I don’t plan on putting in a freezer, either into my tiny house or any future van.

One of my primary principles is to reduce electricity needs to the very barest minimum, so that production and storage of electricity is the barest minimum. I don’t want to fool with big batteries and huge solar arrays.

The ancestors, who didn’t have refrigeration, also hunted and fished and traveled with meat, so I’d like to learn to do it their way, by drying and canning. For example …

More about drying fish here.

Rocket Mass Heaters

The family over at mylittlehomestead have been video blogging their projects for some time now, and I was enchanted upon discovery a few years ago with two of their rocket mass heaters. Now the’ve built more, refining the design each time. Here’s a playlist of rocket mass heater videos from their site. 

What? Oh, what’s a rocket mass heater? Well, a rocket heater uses a special design to extract maximum heat with minimum exhaust from burning wood. It burns so much hotter than regular wood stoves that very few particles ever make it up the chimney and out into the air. A rocket mass heater feeds lots of heat into some massive object so that it radiates slowly into a space over time. The exhaust pipe runs through the mass, shedding heat, so that very little heat makes it to the outdoors. Super efficient!