What Happened at Work

A new position opened up on my old team. I applied for it and got it. It’s been a couple of months and I am extraordinarily happy. It feels so good to do meaningful work again on a supportive and cooperative team where the leader listens, cares, and actively leads. You are so jealous you are not me.

Six Subjects is a Bust

A. I’m interested in too many things all the time and get distracted.

2. There’s just not enough time to pursue six subjects, even when not distracted.

Epsilon. I’m tired and frustrated.

Micro.Blog Entry

A struggle: I don’t like vegetables enough to justify a lot of effort. Now that pre-processed slaw-type things are available, it’s a bit easier. Due to a concern about e. coli, I just steam something like this for 7 minutes.

Source: Spring’s Micro.Blog