Money Automata

I’m feeling a little stoked this morning. My financial plan for 2022 has launched very nicely. This is the first paycheck where my direct deposits for retirement, savings, and personal allowance kicked in. It’s nice to know those funds have been funneled away from the churning whirlwind that is (was) my bank account and, in two cases, being nicely put to work generating some funds of their own.

Also, I’ve moved most of the churn out of my primary bank account and parceled my expenses to separate credit cards based on whether they are routine regular expenses (like cell phone and power) or fluctuating out-of-pocket expenses (like food and fuel). Then I can pay off the credit cards once or twice a month. Because I pay with the credit cards, if I make an error, there’s not a cascading overdraft failure. But it also means some personal discipline, as I cannot afford to let debt creep up again like it did in 2021. Once I get a picture of how this all flows, I can set up auto-pay for these two cards and not have to worry about them.

I feel like a dweeb to be so excited about this, but I am definitely excited.