Current Six Subjects

My Program of Recovery

  • Meetings
  • Sponsorship
  • Step work
  • Daily reading
  • Slogans
  • Service 

My Employment

  • SAP Administration
  • HANA Administration
  • Sybase
  •  Libelle System Copy
  • Oracle
  • Linux Administration
  • Windows Administration

Physical Education

  • Zumba
  •  Tai Chi
    • Qi Gong

Racial Work

Religion – Christianity

Religion – Unitarian Universalism

Quality Content

Seems to me Starz does a far better job at book-to-series adapations than CBS (or probably any broadcast network) does. Compare The Stand to American Gods to see what I mean.

Sometimes it seems like broadcast networks forget that we aren’t hostages to our antennas anymore. Or maybe it’s that they are themselves hostage to larger corporate organizations? I don’t know, I haven’t done the research.

But generally it feels to me like cable networks and streaming networks do a far, far better job of producing quality content than the networks do.

Source: Spring’s Micro.Blog

Micro.Blog Entry

Somehow, gradually, I have lost all patience for the feeling of constriction of wearing jewelry. Now, everytime someone gives me jewelry, I decorate my house with it instead of my body. Only exception: I still wear rings.

Source: Spring’s Micro.Blog

Divided Me

I feel so … dysphoric? is that the word? … about the Capitol riot. Things don’t match for me.

Ideologically, I am on the opposite side of the spectrum from the insurrectionists. I care about the rule of law and due process, so much so that I didn’t even consider overthrowing the last President when he was elected, despite my dire concerns. Because, for better or worse, I swore to uphold the Constitution. And the Constitution was how we got him.

Culturally, though, those are my people. Those are my people. Alleged conservatives. Good ole boys. I come from “heritage, not hate”. I come from “country boy can survive”. I come from “don’t tread on me”, opposition to “Yankee aggression”, “war between the states”, “Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve”. Etc.

So, watching the videos of the insurrection, part of my mind is going, “Oh man, this is all effed up. What do they think they are doing? That’s so dangerous!” And the other part of my mind is seeing brothers and cousins engaged in horseplay. Goofing around and having a high old time.

Intellectually, I’m appalled. Emotionally, I’m amused. And I do not like this disconnect. Not at all.

Source: Spring’s Micro.Blog