I have overcomplicated and made this journal a place where I never post. Because posting is “composing” here. I’ve still been putting all my compulsive writing on Facebook. It’s just so much easier there.

So much stuff has gone on since the last post and none of it’s here. I’ve gone across the country to NC to be support for “the kids” – though it’s two out of three: my son and daughter-in-law. They bought a house. My daughter remains in the Rockies amidst a huge support network, thank God. 

So I took about seven weeks to travel across the country visiting people and having adventures. The truck and the house both required various maintenance. I’m parked in a residential side yard right now with a tarp on the roof. There was water and mold damage to the roof, and I’ve done some demolition. Now it all has to dry thoroughly for the patching to commence. 

I’m due to move it into an RV community on the 26th of September. It’s on the Intracoastal Waterway, and I’m looking forward to that. 

OMG this interface is such a pain in the ass to use. I just want to move the image to a more sensible position and can’t effing do it.

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