13 Mar 03


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Random Thoughts, and Links

Ok this entry is going to be highly disjointed. Just like my life at the moment. My schedule is so tight right now.

Wlofie threw me this link about the housing bubble. I like that it sums up the arguments for and against its existence. She does have good advice for buying in the face of the possibility of a bubble, but she left out one thing. If you find a home in a less aggressive neighborhood where the price has risen at or below that of inflation, theoretically, that house should be bubble proof, since it wasn't inflated in the first place.

I love all the "Switch" parodies. Here's my favorite so far.

At work, we keep getting blasted for not offering multiple FTP logins per account. But we just can't. It's a security and configuration thang. So I have to remind people that they do have other options. As an example, here's one of them.

In Sweden, they don't have any such thing as a certified marriage certificate. That's because their beaureaucratic system is far more highly evolved than ours is. Rather than keep multiple copies of every scrap of paper that signifies any even in people's lives, they just amend the tax register. If you get married, the official sends the appropriate data to the tax department, and they add it to your record. You get divorced, same thing. You die, same thing.

If you need certified documentation of any of these life events, you ask them to send you a copy, and they do that. One paper. Hallelujah. Imagine if counties and states in the US started adopting this sort of policy. Can you imagine how much budgetary savings that could result in, not having to grow and maintain these kinds of archives? In a time when tax revenue is dropping sharply, and budgets dropping with it, I think it would be a very wise move. And your typical US county contains far fewer folks than the nation of Sweden - I am sure the size of the task is manageable.

This guy makes a lot of sense in a lot of ways. I agree with almost this entire article, except for one thing. It should be a UN-led coalition of countries that take care of the Gap states, not the US. It's a world responsibility that needs to be shared. This also combats imperialism and paves the way for a loosely federated world government, and I'm all for that.

We've all seen parodies of DNS error messages. Here's my current favorite.

The delightful Mrs. Marley sent me a link to another person's journal entry about 1000 Blank White Cards. That was interesting, but the killer find was in the comments of that entry, wherein someone recommended a game called Eat Poop You Cat. No, the game involves neither eating, nor poop, nor a cat. See the links at the bottom of the page for further hilarity. I hurt myself laughing.

In the wake of last night's crisis, some stuff has got to go. I am making arrangements for a Ryder van and a Public Storage unit. I'm also putting off college to the fall semester. That hurts, but it's necessary. *sigh*

(This entry a full week in the making.)

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