28 Jan 03


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Nopus, Mopus

I was going to include these links with the pengies entry, but I was so tired and in pain that I just wanted to get the entry out and go to bed.

In my quest for proper pengiunhood, I've encountered Gloom County's Mopus, this silly comic, and this plan to have ballistic penguins which can deploy mullet warheads.

I finished a first prototype, but it wasn't quite right. I hate for an image to go to waste, so if anyone wants to use this thing, feel free:

(I do have a larger version, if you want it. Replace the 2 in the link with a 1.)

There are other things in life besides penguins, though. Like the game of 1000 Blank White Cards. I really want to host such a game soon, but being the lazy bum that I am, I am not cutting up index cards, even with my fingers intact. But that's ok. The reason the game's name sounded so familiar is that it is named after a product made by Vis-Ed, a flash cards company. When I was in language school, the ex and I went through a few boxes of blank white cards ourselves, making Arabic flash cards.

So anyway, I am obtaining some of these for the game.

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