Frequently Asked Questions

What do you know about my industry?

I’ve spent 20 years following the home improvement and construction industry. Currently I’m building a 16x8 foot tiny house on wheels and I collaborate in the Tiny House community, helping others with their own builds. I have spent countless hours on materials research and training, and also keep up with industry news via LinkedIn and trade publications such as Remodeling, Construction Informer, Qualified Remodeler, and Professional Remodeler Magazine.

What do you know about copywriting, especially for the Internet?

I have been writing for the Internet since 1997, for user groups, for various employers, and for social media. I was one of the earliest bloggers, when they were called “online journals”. Each of my employment roles since that time has involved copy for the web, from luxury home builder Fentell Corporation to beverage company Dry & Thirsty Beverage Distribution, to web hosting provider Verio.

People know me for clear, compelling copy that empowers the customer toward confident action. By putting them at ease, I enable them to take the step into that sale.

As an AWAI (American Writers & Artists, Inc.) trained copywriter, I have the skills to make a compelling emotional appeal that draws a prospect into their dream, while presenting the facts to justify reaching for that dream and grasping it. Buyers leap from the heart with permission from the head. I help accomplish that.

What kinds of assignments do you handle?

It’s great to be versatile; most clients enjoy a package of related services for a unified voice in marketing materials. Especially, I excel at materials that help a prospect get immersed with a product or service, such as instruction manuals, user guides, buying guides, case studies, articles, blog and social media posts, advertorials (advertising editorials), and online video scripts. These should be supported by engaging website pages, newsletters, email autoresponders, direct mail pieces, and other online copy — I provide these too! Here's a list of services.

My particular talent is in helping a prospect imagine themselves fully enjoying the product or service through a relationship with the provider. This makes for excellent word-of-mouth and social media exposure. Happy clients and interested, excited prospects energize others and lift brand awareness.

What experiences do you have that make you most qualified?

My eclectic life and work experience equip me to relate to people from the widest variety of backgrounds and lifestyles. I’ve been a soldier, a janitor, a test monitor, an IT provider, a waitress, a cheerleading coach, a lay minister, a scout leader, a political activist, and a Medieval re-enactor. I’ve befriended business leaders, champion rope-jumpers, counter-culturalists, entrepreneurs, artisans, professionals, artists, and change makers in a multitude of industries. I’ve written for all of these, and been accepted in their communities, because of my deep understanding and ability to reach them at the heart.

What do others say about your skills? Your professionalism? Your reliability?

Plenty! A collection of comments is provided over there to the right, and here are some more.

What is the process for carrying out a project?

You’ll know what to expect at every turn long before we get there. In fact, you’ll find out right now — I’ve included a detailed step-through of the entire process right on this site.

What is it like to work with you?

Because I am mission oriented and results focused, working with me is easy and painless. I am naturally inclined to stay in touch during a project, so you don’t have to wonder how things are going. My collaborative nature ensures disagreement doesn’t equal combat, and I always find satisfactory solutions for all parties. Timeliness and quality are mandatory — a project that is late or poor is worse than useless, which I can’t abide.

How much of an investment will I need to make in this project?

This depends very much on the nature of the project. Here's a list of services and estimated investment involved, for the ballpark view. I’ll provide a more precise figure after we’ve had a consultation.

How long will it take to write my copy?

Again, this depends of the project. After a consultation, I will draw up a proposal that will include the process, investment, and timeline for the project.

What if I want you to revise the copy?

No problem! There are several drafting stages in the process so that copy can be refined.

Please do note that a substantial change in the piece would require a completely different project. For instance, if we contract for an advertorial about a rainscreen siding system, and at a later stage you wish to change the focus to a comparison of siding materials, that would be a separate project rather than a draft change.

Who owns the copy afterward? Do either of us have special rights?

I own the copy until after the project is completed and full payment has been made, at which point ownership transfers to you. I do reserve the right to use the copy as sample material unless specified otherwise in the written agreement at the start of the project.

How do I place an order?

Simple! Contact me now in any of a variety of ways:

Phone/Text: 801-709-1221
Email: via the Contact page to start with
Skype: springatwork

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What People are Saying ...

There is a lively, inventive, practical, courageous and fair-minded way about you. All great qualities in business. You commit and focus. You're smart. You're a fast learner, are flexible and can navigate through unforeseen situations.
Kathy Johnson
Wadena, Saskatchewan, Canada

Her quiet self-assurance gives others the confidence that we can "do what needs to be done".
Barbara Luke
Provo, Utah

Spring is fluent with her ability to communicate, and has a broad and narrow communication skill with writing to either encompass a the 'big picture' or an intricate concept.
John Rundell, Esq.
West Palm Beach, Florida

Spring cares about the input of others and responds quickly to inquiries.
Christy Giblon
Springville, Utah

Writing is one thing, but writing with verified accuracy is an altogether higher standard which you can expect from Spring Dew.
John Benicy
Epic Loan Systems
Ft Lauderdale, Florida

I enjoyed the time I spent working with Spring. She is a helpful, considerate team player. Someone who can be counted on to see a project through to the end.
Jodie Goodman
Springville, Utah