23 May 00
in the
Fooling Around with It

    Maybe you can tell me.  Maybe you know somebody who can do this, or this is such a simple thing you can tell me how, or point me to a URL that tells me how.  Or maybe by just writing this, I will begin the process of finding out how for myself.
    I would very much like a CGI that lets me update this thing wham bam from the net.  Smoothly.  Lemme tell you the steps I go through to make a journal entry and maybe that will help some.

    1.  I open up connected.htm.
    2.  I change the date to today's date.
    3.  Notice how the back and ahead links point to entry numbers?  I increase both those numbers by one.  So for this one, I changed "back" from c18.htm to c19.htm and "ahead" from c20.htm to c21.htm.
    4.  I delete the entry title and enter the new one.
    5.  I delete the entry body and type out a new one.
    6.  I usually remember to spellcheck it.
    7.  I save connected.htm.
    8.  Then I save that same page as whatever number occurs between the "back" and "ahead" entry numbers.  So this page will get saved as c20.htm.
    9.  I upload both connected.htm (the "current" entry) and the numbered entry (the "archive" copy) via FTP.
    This way, all my links are correct (except of course any "ahead" links on the current entry, since the future isn't here yet) with the minimum amount of fuss.  Well, I want less fuss.  And I want to do it from remote locations.  I want something like the quick and dirty I constructed before out of a guestbook, only with greater capability for making the adjustments I listed above.  I almost, almost, started a blog here yesterday, but balked at handing over FTP info for a server that is not in my possession and does not belong to me.  Since it contains other people's livelihoods on it, it didn't seem right for me to create any vulnerabilities.

    Hm.  I decided to reactivate my Geocities account and experiment with putting a blog there.