The Handy Guide To The Contractor Selfie

While the contractor selfie hashtag is seldom used – as of October 2016, #selfie has been used publically over 270 million times on Instagram alone. While millennials stereotypically take the most selfies, it doesn’t mean you can’t get into the game – it’s time to start with your first contractor selfie. If there is one more tool you should add to your truck mounted tool box this year – maybe it should be a selfie stick! Read More

Marketing Home Improvements to Millennials

What if there were potential home improvement customers that you could have access to that wanted to own older homes and that were ready to spend money to fix those homes up?

I don’t know about you, but when I ran a home improvement company I’d commit a lot of time, effort and resources to understanding and pursuing a group like that.

Millennials (or Gen Y, or Gen We, as they have also been called) are the least likely to expect their next home to be newly built and the most likely to say that their next home will be one they can fix up. Right up our wheelhouse, right?  Read More

The Marketing Dictionary is now up to 1500 terms

The Marketing Dictionary is now up to 1500 terms. Wonder what that marketing phrase means? Here’s where to look it up.

A significant hurdle in the drive toward marketing accountability has been the lack of agreed-upon marketing definitions as well as associated metrics and measures for evaluating outcomes from marketing activities. A singular authority for marketing terms and definitions encourages trust and collaboration.

Managed by MASB (Marketing Accountability Standards Board), the Common Language Marketing Dictionary is an ongoing collaboration of marketing’s top industry associations, combining the insights of leading academics and subject matter experts with input from the global business community.  Read More

Social Campaigns Now Vital for Home Improvement Marketing

Home improvement projects are a high ticket item with a long buying cycle. Consumers want to make sure they’ve done their homework before investing in a home renovation. As consumers turn to digital sources like social media for home improvement and interior design research, home improvement contractors must adapt their marketing strategy to connect with potential customers.

With the right social media strategy, builders and home improvement businesses can create personal connections with consumers, highlight visual content, and capture quality leads … Read More

5 Ways to Persuade Via Social Media

Do you want to build trust and influence on social media?

Wondering how to tap into social proof?

Social proof lets you leverage consumer behavior and feedback to give customers a more authentic perspective of your business.

In this article, you’ll discover five ways to use social proof on social media. Read More