About Spring

Slide for Life

Spring Dew stood at the top of the six story high platform that her platoon had helped one another climb up. The drill instructor swung his icy stare away from the cable and right into her eyes.

“Well, are you gonna go or what?” This next obstacle was optional. Slide or climb down.

She looked along the cable swooping down to end at a stubby pole a hundred yards away. Vertigo. Oh no, I really don’t want to go, said her insides.

“I’m going,” she said instead.

“Butt first or head first?” he asked. While she considered that, he added, “Head first is harder.”

Challenge accepted. “Head first, then.”

14553465_cb554ed7a7_oHe spotted her while she grabbed the cable in her gloved hands, leaned out far, and swung her legs over, crossing the boots at the ankle. Then she was zipping down, her body weight plunging her down the steep drop and across to the end point. She yelled all the way down, partly in fright but mostly in triumph.

At the bottom she jumped up and down, fists in the air, other soldiers pounding her on the back. At nineteen years old, Spring learned that sometimes a bold move pays off. This time it paid off in confidence and respect. In subsequent years, it paid off with the faith that facing a challenge dead on is the only way to reap its rewards.

Capability Counts

Born in the Mississippi Delta, Spring comes from a family where capability carries huge value. It’s not about knowing how to unstick your carburetor, how to install all the plumbing in the house you just moved, or how to make a barbecue grill out of a 55-gallon drum. It’s about knowing with confidence that you can learn these things and thousands of others, because of a capable attitude.

Army training cemented that attitude. At every turn was a new opportunity to make a commitment and then keep it. Conducting training on how to set up field phones. Deploying to the Persian Gulf. Engaging in a rigorous program of study in one of the hardest languages an English speaker can attempt — Arabic.

Us Against the World

In the business world, a special capability emerged as she helped found a beverage distribution company. Excited by a new product out of Vancouver, Jones Soda, she and a friend aimed at forming the exclusive distributorship for that product for the New York and New Jersey area. They brought together a team from other industries, a high performing and competitive team.

What a recipe for conflict. Achieving personalities can also be volatile personalities. Spring coordinated team members under a process focused philosophy, and she framed goals in an “us against the world” way that helped reduce venom in competition (because competition is natural) and bond team members into a family of choice. They were the “little beverage business that could” — Spring’s skill of fostering harmony, working away in the background, made a key difference.

Clarity Matters

Clarity makes a huge difference, too. Rising through the ranks at Verio, Inc., a premier web hosting provider, Spring discovered that clear, concise, easy-to-understand, easy-to-follow instructions drastically reduced support costs. Process guidelines for call center agents and how-to guides for customers kept call times short and customer satisfaction high. A suite of FAQs and walkthroughs let agents serve customers quickly and thoroughly. Spring authored all of these, including a popular “How to Troubleshoot Anything” guide that is still in circulation on the support floor.

Building a Dream

13475041_10156983259275461_8294364043526973576_oAlways a home improvement and alternative construction enthusiast, Spring started her own pet project last year, building a 16-foot tiny house on wheels based on the Romany vardo from Europe and the British Isles. The research and training involved in this major project has only fueled the drive to be even more involved in the home improvement industry. She has a passion that can’t be cooled, and nurtures a writing career to carry it.

Spring brings the eclectic lessons of a rich and varied life to her writing career. Knowing how to pull people together, to face challenges and bring clarity to business endeavors makes Spring a valuable component to your marketing campaign.

For more information, contact Spring at 801-709-1221 or via the Contact page.